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Volunteer/Help others to help you

We as a Pahauh Institute, we held many students in a year round classes, and we need your help. We know that this economy is not what we all prepared for and things are not going the way we plan for but we encourage those who wish to gain community experience or simply have the passion of helping people to join our volunteer staff by contact the volunteer coordinator.

In the Institute, we have many volunteer positions such as Youth coordinator, parents and student advocacies and office works. If you like working with kids, parents who need guidance and enjoy people activities, you are at the right place with the right organization.

If you should have any question about the volunteer position, please contact me at 612-651-276-9533 or our volunteer coordinator (651-666-5661) at 651-763-229-4620. For other question, please contact us at: info@pahauhhmong.com
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